Cold Rooms

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Cold Rooms

Cold Rooms

Cold rooms are otherwise known as walk-in coolers and can provide a substantial amount of chilled food storage space at your convenience. Nowadays, most manufacturers are providing bespoke, tailored cold room solutions designed best suiting your specific requirements. When you want to stock a significant amount that should be refrigerated, a cold room can be the right solution as compared to multiple upright cabinets. This is the reason why most catering businesses, restaurants and hotels need to make the use of cold rooms for commercial refrigeration purposes.
Cold rooms are nothing but the insulated rooms within rooms, which are constructed to keep the cold air inside and the warm air out. They are standard installations in most commercial kitchens and storerooms. However, most people don’t know the difference between a cold room and a freezer room.
Do you need a cold or freezer room?
The question seems like a strange thing to ponder, and the answer will be simple. As per the structural point of view, both cold rooms are freezer rooms are similar. If they don’t look identical, there is a couple of technical features that sets them apart from each other.
The basic difference between a walk-in freezer and a cold room is that the latter operates at a temperature ranging from -2C°and 5C° while freezer rooms ranges from -40C° to -18C°. So, cold room is considered as cold; but the freezer room is to freeze the items and preserve it further.




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