Deep Fryers

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Deep Fryers

Deep fat fryers do a great job of frying foods and the fact that they can accommodate multiple food items at a time makes it worth having. Deep fat fryers have been a popular way of cooking for a number of years for a number of different foods. Their benefits of good tasty food and quick cooking times make them appealing for home and commercial use.

A deep fat fryer is a kitchen utensil used to heat cooking oils so food items can be fully submerged in them and deep frying can take place. Deep fat fryers have variants for both commercial and home use but the major difference between the variants are their size and features; the mode of operation remains the same.

Deep fat fryers used in home kitchens are smaller and the oil chambers can hold less cooking oil than commercial ones. These types of deep fat fryers are designed to fry fewer food items – usually a size equivalent to a serving for a few people – at once. Commercial deep fat fryers can fry food items for at least ten people at once.

Deep fat fryers usually consist of a deep-walled pot made from stainless steel, black steel, or cast iron. Some fryers have fry baskets that can fit in the deep-walled pot and are capable of holding the food items being put into them.

Others have nest baskets or a slotted spoon that allows one to put in and take out food items placed in the oil chamber with relative ease when cooking. There are electric deep fat fryers that make frying able to be done on a kitchen counter.

Larger versions of electric deep fryers exist for commercial use but they may have their own self-contained countertops and would have the space for two or more fry baskets.

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